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Professionally Choreographed

Sit back and watch the magic of a professionally choregraphed display, created just for you and your guests!

Indoor Pyrotechnics

Concerts, performances, and many other indoor events use pyrotechnics special effects to amaze the crowd. We are your go-to professionals to make it happen!

Daytime Or Nighttime Fireworks

Yes, day or night you can have a beautiful display of fireworks. We will show you what is possible!

Display Performances

There’s something magical about the way fireworks fill the sky with exploding shapes, luminous colors and triumphant finales full of crackles, booms and whistles. They bring communities together, make the hairs on our arms stand up and remind us of warm, summer nights watching the sky when we were kids. That’s exactly why we got into this business!

For over 30 years, K&H Fireworks has been the mastermind behind many of the spectacular displays at a variety of special events. From national and civic holidays to weddings, corporate parties and sporting events to community parties and birthday and anniversary celebrations!

Our safety-conscious aerial artists will work within your budget to design a custom display for your special occasion or event. We’ll take the guess work out of the necessary permits and provide all applicable certificates of insurance.

Having fireworks at your celebration is surprisingly affordable.

Learn more by scheduling a free consultation and site visit.

Once you’ve hired K&H, signed the contract and discussed the details, you never really have to think about the display again. We take over and make sure it is fantastic!


Liaison With Venues And Authorities

K&H obtains all permits and permissions necessary for your display including (but not limited to): Fire, Police, Coast Guard, Municipalities, and Airports. We ensure all Federal and Municipal regulations are followed. Given our unique position geographically, we often obtain permits/permissions in two countries. If you’re on the border, rest assured we are familiar with dealing with US authorities as well.

Insurance, Licenses & Training

K&H carries a $5,000,000.00 liability policy. You and your agents can be named as additional insureds. K&H is also covered by WSIB. All K&H crew members are trained and are licensed by the Federal Government.

Site Survey

Most firing sites can be inspected using satellite imagery. In some cases, a site visit may be necessary to determine if a show can be done in a safe manner at the location. The site and events in the area are reviewed and discussed in detail.

Site Safety And Allowances

The site size and any other events happening pre/during/post display, can regulate what products are used in your display. K&H follows Federal Guidelines and regulations to determine the best and safest fireworks show possible.

Show Planning

Your show can be designed to a theme. You may want large red and white tableaus to celebrate Canada Day or matching colors for your wedding. You may also want to set your show to music (pyro-musical) as seen in the large fireworks competitions around the world. You could even request a display from a barge, rooftop and other unusual location; safety permitting.

From planning to thunderous finale, K&H Fireworks will create the show of your dreams!

Site Clearance

When it’s all over, K&H will return the location to its original state, ensuring clean up is done professionally and quickly.

Book A Display Performance Today!

Once you’ve hired K&H, signed the contract and discussed the details, you never really have to think about the display again. We take over and make sure it is fantastic!


How far in advance do I need to book my event?2019-04-17T19:57:24-04:00

Holidays, very large or widely advertised events need up to 6 months or more of advance notice.

But, normally 60 days notice should have you covered.

It never hurts to ask though, we have done a few last minute shows over the years!

Is there a required distance from the Firing Area to spectators, buildings, parking lots, etc?2019-04-18T07:17:06-04:00

The distance varies depending on the size and type of fireworks being used. The Federal Government has minimum distance regulations. Thanks to google Earth, we can now take a look at your proposed site and do the measurements right away to see if a show can be safely done.

Is a site inspection always required, even if we’ve hosted a fireworks display there before?2019-06-12T17:33:56-04:00

Not if there have been no changes; and again, Google Earth will help with that!

Can I be involved with the display planning or do you have a regular show that you put on?2019-04-18T07:19:21-04:00

Each Show is designated for each venue. Every display is different. We work with the organizer, sponsor, bride/groom… to find out what you want, what you expect and if there is anything special we can do for you. Like a favourite colour, effect or special effect.

What happens the day of the display?2019-06-12T17:34:39-04:00

Our crew will arrive at the firing area and secure it. They will hold a safety meeting before setting up their equipment. Once the show materials are set, they wait for a pre-arranged cue or time to fire the show. When they are finished, after a cool down period, the crew will tear down and clean up the firing area. They may return the following morning for a final inspection and clean up any remaining debris.

Is there music with my display?2019-06-12T17:35:15-04:00

There can be music with your display, but it does bring up the cost considerably. Pyro-musicals are wonderful and special, and well worth the expense for large events and budgets.

How many of your staff will be at my event? Are all staff fully licensed?2019-04-18T07:22:34-04:00

All of our crew members/staff on site are Federally licensed. The number of crew member depends on the size of the display. The minimum, for safety reasons, is two.

What kind of cost am I looking at?2019-04-18T07:23:36-04:00

Firework displays are far more affordable than you’d think! Obviously, July 1st, New Year’s Eve, for example, are busy times with higher minimums. Off season, we try very hard to work within your budget.

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